Governance Framework

ESVAGT Strategy

ESVAGT Governance Framework is designed and implemented in accordance with the requirements in:


  • ISO 9001 - covering onshore management of services related to safety and support at sea
  • ISO 14001 - covering technical management of ships (onshore and selected vessels) 
  • ISM Code - covering safe management and operation of ships and pollution prevention


The objectives of the Governance Framework are:


  • that all activities are carried out according to contractual requirements accepted by ESVAGT 
  • to support quality improvements, efficiency and cost consciousness in all activities
  • that all activities are performed safely
  • to support improvements of the working environment and the importance of safe operations
  • to create awareness of the fact that all incidents can be prevented
  • to reduce the environmental impact of all activities to a minimum
  • to secure that employee see ESVAGT as an attractive work place that provides the opportunity for development and performance advancement
  • to ensure that working environment and safety at ESVAGT meet statutory requirement and own policies and objectives
  • To identify and determine risks and opportunities


Introduction to the ESVAGT Governance Framework
ESVAGT Company Policies
ESVAGT Mission and Vision
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